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  1. In fact, you're right, the shell info does not work. Am I meant to click it or leave it unchecked?
  2. All working now, thank you very much.
  3. Hello there, Thank you for continuing your work. I 'd be grateful if you could look into the following problems I am having; but if for whatever reason you do not manage to address my query, no problem at all. Even though I click the relevant options, the following issues persist: I seem to have no success with enabling any lines on the minimap (direction, ranges). Dead tanks do not show up on the minimap. Pressing ALT does not show health circles. Shell info during the battle does not work (CTRL and hovering over with the cursor). And what really bugs me: enemy silhouettes/player info is in purple instead of red. All the best. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  4. Hose


    I have been unable to change certain settings of the modpack, even after clicking on fresh install at the end. It seems that regardless of my subsequent choices, I always have the same mods enabled, certain ones I simply cannot change, while others I can. For example, I now have purple enemies instead of red ones, even though the option is not checked. I click on the camo remover (Auxilium), install, but it does not work and is in fact unchecked when I next run the modpack installer. The shell info no longer seems to work. The minimap direction lines and range circles behave exactly the same, they are unchecked automatically. Could someone tell me what the problem might be, please?
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