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  1. Since I installed the new updates of the modpack, the Stock tab of my Depot is completely empty, no equipment, no directives, nothing (screenshot 1). If I go to a tank and try to mount equipment there, it shows that i actually have some in the Depot, so, the equipment and directives are not gone (screenshot 2). I also tried running the game in safe mode, and Depot is normal then (screenshot 3). Battles themselves run normal, no problem there. But it's kind of a pain to not be able to sell stuff from the Depot. *edit* Not sure if the same thing is causing it, but actually there is one problem with battles. When they are done, the game gets stuck on "Exiting battle" *edit* I also tried installing previous versions of the modpack (both 01 and 02.0), but that didn't change anything, Depot was still empty. Same with reinstalling the latest version (02.1) with all the checkboxes for deleting cache and all that stuff (first 4 boxes in the installer) like recommended. I ran the check and repair in the launcher and it showed no errors. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
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