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  1. Yepp. It was WG that did fu*k upp the game agin afther the lates big patch i need too underclock my GPU with -100MHz to not get this error and notic is only in this game other game that need more power i have no problems...
  2. I have reinstall the game 4 times and delete all the folders amd files so the are 100% clean install but atill i get critical error in games 😕
  3. Any more that get critical error could not find resources? Trying to find if the are any mod that makes that error.
  4. Hi i have the bugg that ribbons gongt from topp to bottom and not right to left. And i cant find which mod that causes it any clue ?
  5. Aha i did miss that patch note but then i know
  6. The Damage caused and received windows are stuck for me. Befor could i drag them wher i want them but i cant do it longer :/
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