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  1. I have seen similar issues with Avast with the past few versions of the modpack, and have had to temporarily suspect Avast in order to install. 


    Today was a first though - Avast is now blocking the connection to all of the direct download sites! Examples screen caps below.


    I'm familiar with the potential for false positives - but Avast seems to have encountered enough (presumably) false positives they have blacklisted the download servers as well.


    Yes, I could of course temporarily disable Avast again, download, install, re-enable Avast - but that is not exactly good practice from a security standpoint, right?


    I'll look into report this to Avast as well.




    FYI - URL to report a suspected false positive (file or URL) for Avast: https://www.avast.com/en-us/false-positive-file-form.php



  2. One of my clan members and I are both seeing issues related to player panels.  Last update - I saw what you described above. Tried some different options... now the left panel and right panel are different - tank icons/representations are different on each side... No idea what we might have done. See pic. 


    Any suggestions on troubleshooting? And/or - what additional information is needed to help troubleshoot?


    player panel issues.JPG


  3. With the game in safe mode, or with mods uninstalled - his frame rate went right back up to normal (170+). I worked with him on re-installed the mods, and it ran fine initially. He then made config changes, and tripped the issue again. He re-installed the mods again, and is fine with the current config. I'll suggest he capture logs if he sees the problem again, as without them (logs to review) - it's trial and error on his part.  Appreciate the advice!

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