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  1. what do you recommend I do? I'm a compu-tard... :P Correction: I got it working, jsut had to run everything as admin. Thanks so much, you're a wizard!
  2. The issue still seems to happen eventhough I have added the mod installer to both windows and my antivirus whitelists, restarted my pc, and run the installer and tanks in admin mode. The issue seems to be tied to Xvm, because whenever I install without that section everything seems to work alright. I have reactivated xvm as well on their website. Any other idea of how to fix this?
  3. the minimap isnt rezizable and the coordinate values are invisible, gun sounds and spotting is oddly delayed for some reason, and each tank has the same person as the commander, regardless of nation or type and team rosters are both hidden, I know I didnt install the invis crew mod also. XVM is also broken. I looked in the python.log fild ans saw some GUI errors, but dont now enough about this subject to diagnose them. Not sure whats happening here, could it be xvm related? I already deleted the WoT cache 3 times, disabled my antivirus (Webroot) and re-installed aslains twice.... odd issues :/ Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  4. clicking + does nothing to resize the minimap, and when selecting a different tank in garage, the commander is the same person
  5. The mini-map is the size of a post stamp and inst resizable either it looks like other are having this issue..... I'm not sure if it is xvm related. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
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