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  1. I am impressed. Such a complicated problem and such a simple solution xD Why didn't I think of it? Thanks for the tip. Solved the problem. Thread can be closed or deleted. Keep up the nice work :D
  2. I did a little research. Apparently there was a similar problem with the ModPack for WoT. Since the mods were not downloaded either. The very slow download speed was to blame. With multiple attempts, the speed for me was now only a few kb/s. (But only sometimes. Often the download didn't even start.) Didn't notice that before. Never had this problem before. If i download other programs, the download speed is normal. Maybe someone can help me here. Why does AslainsModpack download so slowly? Maybe that's the problem. Although I have already tried to make the modpack work somehow at different times of the day and night.
  3. Hey , I have problems with the ModPack for World of Warships since yesterday. Before I try to describe my problem as precisely as possible, one more thing: I myself am very bad when it comes to IT technology or IT. If you have a solution, please try to explain it as simply as possible :) Now to the real problem: I wanted to download version 0.9.4 # 06 yesterday. I noticed that the launcher could not find the update for # 06. But I didn't think of anything. So I uninstalled version # 05 and installed version # 06. I noticed the following: Although no mods were installed, the program recognized my old mods. That seemed a bit strange to me, because otherwise it didn't actually happen. In any case, I then selected the mods for the new installations. However, these were not downloaded again. Some worked in the game client, but others did not. If I wanted to download new mods, this did not happen. Only a handful of previously used mods ever worked. So in summary: only a few mods work. I can choose new mods, but they are not downloaded and therefore not installed. Here are some things I've tried with my humble knowledge. However, these did not solve the problem either. ModPack deleted several times and reinstalled. World of Warships newly installed. Game checked several times for errors and WG checks carried out. Is there anything else I can try or is the problem somewhere else? I added some screenshots with a little explanation. Hope it helps. No Aslian installed. . The WG folder for mods is also empty. How did the program know about my previous mods? Neither the old nor the new mods were downloaded. These are the mods that work. These are the mods that don't work. I hope you can help me. If you need any other information, just let me know. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
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