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  1. That solved my problem!! Thanks!! Sorry for being so dumb, and forgetting about having to click on "direct"...... But truly appreciate the help.!!
  2. Sorry... I don't know where to go for the direct link. If I go to the WoWS 9.4 downloads page, I see download link #0 (direct), along with #1, #2, & #4 --- but none of them send me to a downloads page, ALL of them send me to the raboninco.com web site, which is where I have the problem. Have I picked up a virus which will not let me go to the downloads page?
  3. I have not been able to download your WoWS 9.4 update since you released it. When I attempt download of 9.4 using "download link #2 (direct)", I'm being sent to raboninco.com/dvFs. Then I see in the address bar fiaharam.net, and I encounter some sort of ad blocking problem. Note: The other day, I was being directed to raboninco.com/avfw. Bottom line - I cannot get the 9.4 upddate. All of the download links seem to be linked to this raboninco.com site when I put my mouse over them. I've been using your ModPack for several months, and have never had any trouble downloading the updates; in the past, updates usually seem to come from uas01.gameservers..... but I can't get to that page now. Can you please provide guidance? Thanks!
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