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  1. Well thanks for trying. Aslains_WoT_Logs_Archiver does not work. I had to add "_NA" to the down load path, maybe that's why it can't find the file. Sorry, I am not the greatest computer person. Love your mod pack, great work!
  2. Sorry for my ignorance but what attached log are you asking for? I am out of the battle when the kicking happens. Thanks for helping.
  3. Okay, when I am in a battle and get killed (battle still going) and I go into the garage. Then when the battle is over (still in garage), the game get stuck at "Synchronizing personal files...". Then kicks me out of the game completely. I contacted WOT and submitted a game review. they told me to stop using mods.This kicking out of the game only happens when I used a mod yours and others. Can you help? Oh also, I uninstalled the game and loaded a fresh version, this did not work.Again this problem is ONLY an issue when I use a Mod. This also happens when using WG Mods Essentials.
  4. Please disregard above, found the mod. Was, see tank is sniper mode.
  5. I am having view issues in sniper mode. I can't figure out what mod is causing this. Please see screen shots Damn can't attach screen shots. Well it like looking inside your TD.
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