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  1. I have found a set from a previous modpack but do not have the modpack it came from. This is an example from Ribbons v2 Alas I do not know the author so cannot contact them.
  2. Modpack complaining about wrong client version (it is correct as previous version [_00] installed ok). Mods from this pack did install correctly to the correct folder though.
  3. Apologies, I put 'signals' in my thread title when I meant 'ribbons'. Under ribbons in your modpack, there was a different set of Ribbons available under [Battle GUI customisation]/Ribbon Badges. I liked them as they appeared to be a clean cut upgrade of the default ribbons and preferred them over default and 'Ribbons v1'.
  4. Firstly, apologies as I do not know the author of this particular signal mod that was in the 0.9.5* series of modpacks but has been missing from the current 0.9.6* modpacks. My question is, can you download archived versions of Aslains, more so from 0.9.5* modpacks? Many thanks for any advice or information.
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