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  1. Sorry... we can stop. It is not apparently anything to do with Aslains modpack I'm happy to say. After 24 hours of no issues all of a sudden I started getting a runway keyboard while typing to you in the browser here. So sorry to have bothered you, truly. I suspect the wireless keyboard at this point. Perhaps it is doing some sort of keystroke macro recording and playing back and I have no idea how or why. I'll remove it and see if that solves it. GAH what a PITA. Thanks for your efforts.
  2. Oh man. I'm sorry, my bad. Totally missed the part about the logs! Here they come: World_of_Tanks_NA.zip And I have to agree with you that it certain l
  3. Meaning what? It IS happening to me. Like I said, I've used these modpacks for a couple of years and never had anything like this. But if that is all I'm gonna get back, I guess I'll move on.
  4. Had I thought this screen shot would provide any help, I would have included it. All it shows is what appears that I typed. I did NOT type it. It has spammed the map with locations. It has acted like it is being controlled by someone else. I feel confident that my firewall is good. I'm using Opnsense and no other strange behavior is happening. It only happens with the modpack installed. There is no way that I am reactivating this modpack until answers are found. At least that is my thought process until convinced otherwise. Is there a possibility that what ever got installed is in another directory? I do see remnants of the modpack still in the game even though I renamed the directories and replaced them with blank ones.
  5. I have used your modpacks for over a year now and am a contributor. I have never had an issue like this until yesterday. I just installed the latest modpack yesterday and after a few matches, VERY strange things started happening. While in a match, my keyboard started acting possessed. In chat it said "arty loves me". ??? Then it would go into sniper zoom. I would try to turn left and it would go right. Like someone else was controlling my keyboard. I immediately rebooted and all was well again until several more games and it started up again. I did a virus scan and see no viruses. Each time a reboot would stop it temporarily. I have since renamed the folders in res_mods and the problem has gone away. I can only guess that maybe one of the modpacks has a script that is kicking off. I did capture a screen shot of my chat that I did NOT type that says, "wel shit, Just like that we lost". I will attach the res_mod files if you would like them to review to see if you can see what on earth could cause it. I seriously doubt you would condone that behavior. Please let me know as I'm adicted to your mods and will greatly miss them until we know what is going on. configs.bad.zip mods.bad.zip 1_11.1.3.bad.zip
  6. I'm having the exact same issue. All of a sudden I"m locked at 29fps. No matter what resolution I set. From max to the very lowest. Safe mode resulted in 100+ fps again. I removed the modpack and it was still at 29fps. I then deleted the game and re-installed from scratch. It was fine. As soon as I re-installed the modpack it went back to 29fps. I have never used a FPS limiter, so is that a option in the modpack!? Where is it located? I can not use the modpack until this is resolved. Thanks. (please consider adding a date message left to determine if the message is relevant)
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