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  1. Thanks Aslain English, i try to avoid the delete all as i have a huge number of skins/remodels plus Atacms UML, Voice is default, see attached. BTW, my whole Clan and Sister Clan now use your Mod, we have made it a Clan Requirement!
  2. Hi Since the latest update the sound mod that switches all crew voices to one national language is not working. I normally switch all crew voices to British, but they are stuck now on USSR, i have reinstalled the mod. Deleted the file in D:\Games\Games\res_mods\\gui\soundModes/mainsound and reinstalled as British, yet they load as USSR. Log file attached, good luck with this and thank you for your amazing ModPack, i don't play without it! Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  3. Will do, this mod is so good i don't play after an update till you release it, i have managed to convert mosyt of my clan to it also, thank you!
  4. Deleting Hangman to test, will update here Confirmed it was Hangman
  5. Hi, thank you for your excellent modpack. there is an issue with the last waffle game mode. When switching to it, it loads my Pz 3c and does not let me choose the T55, just tells me that i don't have keys for the waffletractor. Not at all complaining, small price to pay for this modpack whilst you iron out any problems, just giving you guys a heads up Also Carousel is single
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