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  1. Hi! So yesterday we had serveral clanbattles and in every single one i had to kill task and reload game go get in game It looks like, ist happens with in a division. when playing solo, i never have this problem update: it only happens in a divisoin!
  2. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip Here we go. thanks for any help good night
  3. I dont know what to do now, i have still troubles to get into battle! Worked fine until last patch, and i use same mods since 1 year. can i post a file here somewhere to check? please halp, i cant push the button in postballte screen, it just optically pushes, but it does not let me get in battle. i have to kill task, and restart game, then i throws me direct into battle, with 1-2 mintes later (not good for clan battles) thanks @Aslain
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