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  1. Favourite tank = Primary tank from rightclick Good, files are updated in first post
  2. xvm convert {{v.type}} to "<font face='xvm'>&#x3A;</font>" it shouldnt set font try to change {{v.type}} into {{v.type_key}}
  3. @Sailorboy Last ideas: 0. Open tank_LT.png in other program - is there anything or empty/crush file? 1. Change alpha in line 24 from 100 to 50 or remove " "alpha": 100, " - maby its some alpha problem 2. Change file name from tank_LT.png to t_lt.png and in line 24 from tank_{{ to t_{{ - still looking for cache problem After every change (1,2) close and run again WOT
  4. Hmmmm Start once in a safe mode or better - clear cache https://eu.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wot/article/10218/ Does anyone else have the same problem?
  5. It looks like WOT dont read those files or you change something in 24 line, for example position (x, y) I spend a lot of time (hours) just for positioning all elements pixel by pixel, so if you dont need dont change x y value No, then WOT will be start without mods (in safe mode) when you make bad "{}," To be sure just copy again file carouselNormal.xc 24 line should looks like { "enabled": true, "x": 262, "y": 12, "width": 18, "height": 20, "alpha": 100, "src": "cfg://Aslain/Very/tank_{{v.type}}.png", "shadow": ${ "def.otherShadow" } },
  6. You can change it in line 82 carousel.xc "sorting_criteria": ["level", "type", "nation"], For me thats OK, i first looking for tier when i choose a tank Try restart WOT if you have those files:
  7. I am happy to "hear" that 馃檪
  8. Custom_mods.7z Yes, i know. It is another config for a carousel with a lot of info Copy files into main WOT folder Or if you use Aslain instaler just put file in ...\World_of_Tanks\Aslain_Modpack\Custom_mods folder and install Aslain mod 300x150 px 2 lines recommended for 1440p or higher 1 line for anybody Other situations chosen tank, special (not premium tank), normal elite tank, normal not elite tank Fully marked tank, lower than 5 tier tank (no moe %), no mastery icon, crew incomplete, rented t
  9. Jak pisze Aslain, to tylko dodatkowa czcionka zainstalowana na kompie przy okazji instalacji mod贸w - wiele mod贸w z niej korzysta. Prawdopodobnie nie masz oryginalnej czcionki z pliku otwartego w excel i system podstawia t臋. Opcja 1: kliknij w kom贸rce Exela w kt贸rej masz ten tekst i zmie艅 kr贸j czcionki na inny, np. Tahoma Opcja 2: usu艅 font XVMSymbol z folderu C:\Windows\Fonts Licz si臋 z tym, 偶e wygl膮d mod贸w mo偶e si臋 rozsypa膰. @Aslain Przy deinstalacji mod贸w za pomoc膮 deinstalatora nie powinno wywala膰 tej czcionki? @Kutalon Odinstalowywa艂e艣 mo
  10. Does anyone have an idea how to remove that icon?
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