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  1. I don't know why log archiver is not working for me. Archiver_Logs remains empty. I installed xvm. Never did that before. I was just activating and from time to time updating services. So i installed xvm, then modpack, but no effect. Still lack of mentioned mods. I notices also tank names coloures by ranking don't work aswell. After xvm installation .log files apeared. I'm enclosing them. If You could take a look ang givem some hint i would be gratefull.
  2. Yeah, i had some crashes when i set tex. quality to max. After i erased the game completly i barely managed to istall it again with hd textures. Still i had only like 2gbs free space with no pagefil.sys on my ssd 😕 That could be the reason. I've cleared update folder, bring back pagefile and i have some free space now and i think game is stable so far. Anyway. Know some other tools that would help me obtain log's or other usefull data haleping solve this? And above all thank You for taking interest and replying to my concern. Most appreciated!
  3. XVM and Python enclosed. Meybe You could give some directions. What and where to look? I got used to this modpack, and would love to stick with it. python.zip
  4. Hello, As in subject. I'm using modpack for years but from some time those two are not working. I think enlarging and centering map stoped working after installing warning lights mod, but i can't recall for 100%. Zoom is not working for some time aswell. I dont' know whats the reason. Mostly i'm installing same few mods after each update and one day they just stopped working. I installed lately second popular modpack, essential mods or something, and both zoom out and map centering was present there and working as intended. Still i would like to stay with Aslains. I tried checking and fixing the game, reinstalled completly, tried different install options (without warning lighst, and other options), but nothing helped. Log archiver seems to not work for me. I'm adding what i can. Please help 😞 _Aslains_Installer_Options.zip
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