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  1. So, I completly clean up PC of Aslain modpack, WoT and WGGC via RevoUninstaler, Install WGGC and WoT again, set it on Run as administrator, then run aslain_Wot_modpack_installer also as administrator and install all my mods, then in XVM activation website i reset all previously activated tokens and then i activated XVM again, and now, finnaly, everything is working. Maybe this can help somebody. (Sorry for my bad English, but i hope you understand it)
  2. Hello i cant see player stats in-game, anonym nickname is disabled, XVM status in garage is Active, and i use activate and prolong button on XVM activation website
  3. Hello after last micropatch, when i install newest version of XVM, it broke my game, i cant see crew members, and other stuff in garage.
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