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  1. you are right. but in the BEDoBEST panel is not visibile that info...
  2. this is a photo of a screen with mod station. you can see more option than aslain's BEDoBEST pannel you can see idro and radar info that is not present in your mod. more, you can see stable info, and not only for the spotted ship.
  3. it doesn't work. a part of the option are cut off
  4. I haven't an old screeshot. But you can see it if you tray to use mod station. people that use mod stations sad that they not have the same problem
  5. the two screenshot show you that there isn't the option for radar, for idro ecc. the pannel doesn't work well. It shows only some items. As you can see, it doesn't show the shot range of all ships, but only for the ship spotted. It didn't work so before maybe there was a bar under the options that you no longer see. You can see it in the mod station. The problem is not only mine but also of others who use the same mod
  6. there's no way to see radar option Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  7. panel BADoBEST doesn't report all info. radar ecc.
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