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  1. Hello, I just reinstalled the modpack after we finally (I hope...) figured out that white tanks was causing the crosshair lock issue. When I started a new game, I see that the statistics I am being shown are no longer WN8, but rather the player efficiency number from the record jacket in the garage (they are 4-digit numbers, like 3,564 or 5,845). How do I change it back to WN8? I thought this is what I selected, but I have no idea what happened and I have always used WN8. Thanks. EDIT: Nevermind, I figured out they have this setting on the XVM website now. Sorry!
  2. Any of these issues related to the ones reported by myself, RacerDemon, and Kristoffon?
  3. And you are sure it is the "white track mod" (disabled tracks are white) that is causing this? I have the same issues as you and Kristoffon, but I dont see how the white tracks mod could be causing all of these different problems.
  4. Same issue for me- I see the exact same errors your screenshots show, but I used meltys math mod crosshair. Whether it is with a tank or SPG, happens pretty frequently. Completely freezes up mouse input in the game, but if I push escape the mouse works just fine. Sometimes it zooms all the way out and locks up the view, and I can still see things moving around down below but I can't move the vehicle or the crosshair. I'm using the fog mod and SPG aim assistant as well as a bunch of others, if that helps.
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