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  1. So I deinstalled the game, reinstalled it, only installed Nomogram Classic and tested it: Its only working on one ship in the entire server for me - every game now. So its gotten worse now with the newest Aslain Modpack Version. All other ships have a static value based on the distance at the moment I lock on to the ship - it doesnt change if they are getting closer. I dont know what the heck is going on to be honest 😄
  2. I'll try and figure out when exactly its not working. Will take some time I guess, as you said: Its hard to troubleshoot. Thanks anyways!
  3. Yes, I did uninstall/reinstall, play without and checked the installed files, reinstalled the game and everything. My friend has the same issue, and he has not as many mods installed as me. He also did everything I did, no difference though sadly.
  4. So sometimes the Nomogram Dynamic Crosshair Classic isn't working if locked on to a target. It just defaults to the standard measurements, not adjusting at variable distances. This happens more often, the more distant the target is I am locked on to. Its always working at any range if not locked on to a target. It also jumps back to the default measurements if you lock onto a distant target - basically reverting the actually right Dynamic Crosshair measurements. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
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