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  1. Erratum, the mod s not effective. I was listed inside the modpack though. Next update maybe. It'll be written and checked by Aslain I guess... gg
  2. The dog tag remover came back with v10.10.0 #07 . Thank you.
  3. Hello, just a little message not to make a topic about that still missing mod :') @Aslain Can you add soonish Dogtag removers, to polish respect game designers can have to their product users. Thank you.
  4. Shot timer : the little mod that helps to count 20s after a shot is missing. FPS limiter : doesn't work ; helps to get my FPS higher than 76fps instead of manually modifying that file at each update... Should be checked "radar timer" as well though. M not sure if it worked @Info panel mod : is it possible to set the minimum concealment showing for ships for that mod ? Question : is there a mod or a trick that can help to free fly in port ? Thx heaps. :)
  5. Ok, the mod lost my game folder or smthg alike, thx.
  6. Hello, The mod in title got a few recent updates : is Aslains modpack updated for it ? I ve had some difficulties to use it. thx
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