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  1. There are no ship icons since #5 even if i tic the box First pic is from #5 and the last is from #9same on #6, #7 and #8
  2. One more thing, when i use a ship with torpedos i can see my own range in advanced Battle loading screen
  3. The picture in topic was from Google. Theese are from my latest game today. When i use sidebars it shows torps etc on them(pic4), but the torps ain´t there when press TAB (pic1) pic 3: start of the game 20210826_161917_PASB507-West-Virginia_42_Neighbors.wowsreplay
  4. Will the torpedo range come back in the advanced battle loading screen again? It´s a nice feature to have when press TAB, i don´t like to have the side bars in battle
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