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  1. just downloaded on here and when I went to start game I got this wotmod loader game resourse path does not exist c:/games/worldof tanks/mods/
  2. same issue with -1 _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  3. I was in the middle of the first game after installing. while playing the game closed, then tried to restart. It just got stuck in the restart loop 2nd game worked fine but couldn't log in until first game was over _Aslain_logs.zip also cant seem to upload python file
  4. 2xs

    hanging on startup

    fixed, but don't have the same session stats as before
  5. just did todays update, had yesterdays working fine, and it now hangs on synchronizing personal info. the only things I changed where the xvm settings. is there an issue with what I did? or is it a bug that I need to reverse what I did for now
  6. 2xs

    language issue

    that was it thanks
  7. just tried the installer, and now my whole game is in Russian(I think) searched and found that the launch screen needed to be English, and it is. Even changed it to French, but the whole game is still Russian. Any ideas besides learning a new language? Thanks
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