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  1. Tier 9 Italian battleship Lepanto has a spelling error. And Moskva and S. Dragon are missing stars.
  2. Albemarle is a regular tech tree British cruiser, the star shouldn't be there:
  3. Boise is missing the Premium star next to her name:
  4. Lol, i just got my first Tier 10 ship, and guess what, it's missing a letter in the icon And thanks for fixing these very fast, btw. If only Wargaming worked like this 😆
  5. Hey, I'm reporting some ships that have incorrect Roman numbers for the tier:
  6. Awesome stuff, thanks a lot, my OCD can rest easy for now 😆
  7. Hey, I noticed a couple more: Tier 5 Russian cruiser Krasny Krym is spelled weird, I think the official English name looks better and adheres to general transliteration of Russian text. Tier 8 American submarine Salmon is spelled Salomon. And the third one is German Tier 7 destroyer Z-31
  8. Hi again, I also noticed that Tier 8 Russian battleship Lenin doesn't have a star in battle next to it, like other premium/special ships. Also Kirov is named Voroshilov. It's obviously not a spelling mistake, so maybe it's intentional 🤔
  9. Hi, first of all I wanted to say I absolutely love this mod. I used to play World of Tanks from ~2012-2017, and this was one of my favorite mods. Recently started playing WoWS and when I noticed this mod is available, of course I had to add it. Anyway, the bug that I wanted to report is: Tier 5 American battleship Oklahoma is spelled wrong (Olkahoma) Tier 10 Japanese destroyer Harugumo is spelled wrong (Haragumo) These are not exactly game breaking bugs, but since I assumed they are also not super difficult to fix, so I decided to report this. Thanks.
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