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  1. Storm_Rider_Cherokee

    Huge FPS drop with mod installed

    Thx Aslain. Disabled Autoaim Extended. Problem solved.
  2. Storm_Rider_Cherokee

    Huge FPS drop with mod installed

    Hi Aslain, My garage and in games graphics has been experiencing huge FPS drops with the latest modpack. Not sure what is wrong exactly. Logs attached as per your request. Cheers, Storm Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  3. Storm_Rider_Cherokee

    ModPack Installer can't work

    First, check if the file is downloaded completely or corrupted. Then, check if the file name ends with '.exe' To see that, in File Explorer, go to 'View' tab and select 'File Name Extensions'. If not, rename the file's ending, type in '.exe', and select 'Yes'. Finally, check if your Windows Defender or other Anti-virus software is blocking the modpack installer. When you try to launch the installer for the first time, Windows may pop up a window saying it does not recognise the author of this program or something. Choose 'More Info', and select the option like 'I trust this author and wish to continue the install'. Hope it helps.
  4. Storm_Rider_Cherokee

    CTD after match ends.

    Done. Will play a few games and see how it goes. Thx Aslain!
  5. Storm_Rider_Cherokee

    CTD after match ends.

    Just wondering how do I do that?
  6. Hi Aslain, The issue appears again. I could only wiggle my tank left and right, can't drive it forwards or backwards. (Not installed White tracks mod this time) Suspect it has something to do with the chat message function. Also attached the replay file for you. My tank stopped immediately after I sent a message. Your dedication to the community is always highly appreciated and hope you can fix the bug soon. Cheers, Storm python.log _Aslain_logs.zip 20160415_2119_usa-T92_63_tundra.wotreplay
  7. Storm_Rider_Cherokee

    CTD after match ends.

    Crashes like every 5 battles. One thing is I would not be able to get back to garage or send message after I died in the battle. But still can click the mouse to see my teammates' movement. python.log _Aslain_logs.zip
  8. Storm_Rider_Cherokee

    Tank can only wiggle - Game c2d while playing the tier 8 WG Light Tank

    Hi Aslain, the symptoms is exactly the same as this one. Only this time I was in my JgPanzerII.
  9. Storm_Rider_Cherokee

    Tank can only wiggle - Game c2d while playing the tier 8 WG Light Tank

    The white dead tanks and tracks? I'll reinstall the modpack without these and see if the problem is solved. Thx for the reply and will keep u updated here. :)
  10. Storm_Rider_Cherokee

    Tank can only wiggle - Game c2d while playing the tier 8 WG Light Tank

    Another issues happened after the crash is that I was not able to ping the map or send chat messages to the team as I was trying to explain my issue to my team. (Guess it has something to do with the XVM?) The Python.log also showed a couple of errors regarding loading some sound track. Not sure which exact mod was causing the problem.
  11. Hi there, I've attached the required files to the post, along with the replay file if it can show you the problem in a simpler way. After the game crashed and relaunched, the tank would NOT drive forwards or backwards. The only thing I can do with it is wiggle left and right to make the tank move forward. Regards, Storm _Aslain_logs.zip python.log 20160409_2257_germany-G120_M41_90_GrandFinal_05_prohorovka.wotreplay
  12. Storm_Rider_Cherokee

    Tank carousel vanished

    Yup, found that in the shout box too. Thx m8.
  13. Storm_Rider_Cherokee

    Tank carousel vanished

    Same issue here. Just wondering where we can find the solution... Thx in advance!
  14. Storm_Rider_Cherokee

    A thank you post

    Love your work, Aslain. o7
  15. Storm_Rider_Cherokee

    Stats mod? :)

    UI for WoWS still got a long way to go. I prefer a further detailed post battle stats like the one now WoT has. But anyway, the game is still a newborn baby. I can wait. ;)
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