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  1. Yeah pretty lazy on Wargamings part if you ask me. I mean how hard can it be to apply this system to the old missions from a coding perspective? Not that hard really, the system is already in place, lol. Glad I could help man!
  2. Yes I was told on the wot forums that the in game tracking only functions for the 2nd campaign of missions. Those being the ones for the Excalibur and such. Turns out they were right, lol. So, not broken, just doesn't work for the original personal missions. Cheers!
  3. You know the real time mission tracking thing you can have in game? The ones up top center screen that look like flags hanging that track your current mission progress in battle? They aren't showing up for me and I definitely have them turned on. They were showing before I installed the mod. I'm not using much from the modpack and I thought maybe the team hp pool bars were messing it up (since it changes the UI up there), but no matter which I try they are still missing. A friend is using the same one and has noproblem. I've tried unchecking each mod, one at a time but still can't get them to show up. Was wondering if anyone has ran into this and if so did they fix it and how. Thanks! Logs attached. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  4. Lojak

    Constant CTD in 4.3.8

    Updated today, game is now chain crashing. Fun.
  5. Lojak

    MeltyMap's Mathmod Crosshair help

    I use meltymaps as well, but I don't have those 197/160 indicator, or that green slope indicator you are talking about. How do I enable those? I just have melty's checked off in the modpack installer. In fact several of the various indicators are not on my meltymaps crosshair, like the enemy's chance to spot me.
  6. Lojak

    WN8/XVM display issues

    Thanks for that reply. I was about to make a post asking. Updated modpack,logged in and my number and color were different, reinstalled modpack, same problem. I wasn't aware of this option. Fixed with a click :D
  7. Lojak

    @Aslain - what does this mean?

    Oops, I've always used direct link. I wasn't aware of the difference. I'll start using the other as well, you deserve the extra income.
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