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  1. Well, it COULD be made simpler --- MUD dude could simply uninstall/re-install WOT. But then we would probably have to describe each Windoze step. **sigh**
  2. Yes, it is a minor thing -- just annoying so I thought I would ask. Now I know -- thanks @Quaksen!
  3. I'm trying to determine what drives the use of the tank icon when looking at a crew member. I can see that the icons in the folder \res_mods\\gui\maps\icons\vehicle\contours feeds these, but WOT appears to want to flip the icon around since the same icon is used in two different views, as below. Is this something we live with or is there somehow that we can tell WOT (maybe via XVM?) that there are 2 sets of icons?
  4. Shura, you are of course correct. The rest of us have no idea how things work or even how they are supposed to work -- we defer to the depths of your insights. Nevertheless, and I really hate to do this -- You Are Fired.
  5. ... and not seeing us as consumers of his product. Oh well, I tried.
  6. Feedback from Shura -- there is no problem, only 3 people have complained, no one on the RU server, nothing is wrong with the mod.
  7. I have a thread going with Shura over at http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/517569-mod-auxilium-savelastserver-autoequip-autocrew-autohandbrake-region-changer-and-more/page__st__80#topmost. Its unfortunate that in this case some of us lost real currency. But, with mods comes risk and I am willing to own that.
  8. Developers can be rather touchy -- and Shura did respond with (all caps) " Mod does NOT BUY ANYTHING!" The statement is strictly correct -- it is the WOT client making the purchase. However, I place this into the category of misaligned semantics -- its rather like someone taking my hand, using my finger to enter my debit card pin, then extracting money from my bank account. Strictly speaking, it WAS my finger that touched the buttons --- but ignores the fact that my hand was being manipulated, not by my person, but by outside influences. the WOT client is simply doing what it is being told to do. I do have some issues, however, Shura indicated that if the warehouse didnt have the camo, then the client would go ahead and buy more camo. But I know when I go into the client I can see quite a bit of free gold camo (I had put camo on my prem tanks) that appears to be available. yet, Auxilium still would make a purchase. So I have some questions about the algorithm being used -- but like I said, developers are touchy when questions come from those whom the developer assumes have no idea what it is like to code.
  9. Precisely. There is even an option to choose silver in the client, but gold is the top choice, so my assumption is whatever is "auto ok'ing" the purchase is simply taking the first choice. It will be interesting to see if Shura can put in place some checks that will determine before hand if there is camo in the "warehouse". Also, Shura explained the "Gold Lock" and how it functions: >Also, and asking again, is whether or not the mod honors the "Gold Locker" The "gold lock" function works in the interface not allowing you to select it. But if you choose "buy for gold", and then turn on the lock, then auto-completion will use gold. The purchase procedure takes place on the server side and not the client. So, I read this to mean "If I already bought something for gold, auto-completion will simply do it again since the server keeps track of these transactions."
  10. I've confirmed with Shura that the WOT client (at the direction of Auxilium) WILL spend your gold on camo if you applied gold camo and try to use the same gold camo among several tanks. To be clear, and what Shura has said, Auxilium really doesnt "spend your gold" --- Auxilium only tells the client to mount "camouflage Nexx" and if that is not available the client (not Auxilium) will automatically spend gold for a new set of camo's. Thus, Auxilium has absolutely no way of knowing a priori if gold is going to be spent or not. I get the behavior and the defense of this functionality -- but to an and user it is a matter of Semantics: Either I manually approve the spending of Gold (which takes conscious thought and intent) or a program (Auxilium) makes the "decision" for me based upon the misunderstanding of how the mod actually works. In practice the only fix that we as users can effect is to ONLY use Auxilium to share the free camo that came with the latest update. Use gold camo only if you are aware of the consequences.
  11. I can confirm that Auxilium **IS NOT** performing as we expect. I just had this happen -- plenty of "gold camo" sitting there, I switched tanks in the carousel, NO tanks in battle and the mod purchased new gold camo for all three seasons. And, gold locker was enabled. This mod can end up being VERY expensive for anyone who keeps some gold hanging around. I have posted this on the Auxilium NA forum. Aslain, I would highly recommend disabling the inclusion of the AutoCamo piece of the mod until such a time as this feature is fixed.
  12. Tanks.gg does present armor angles and you can get it to display the angles when the model is situated at 90degrees. But this begs the question -- where does Tanks.gg get its data? I think the real tank data with ALL armor info is in the games tank models themselves. The old tank code would read the model data and present it. Even Smelly Rivers's code reads the current model data and builds the tank models. It seems to me the task here is to figure out/have someone divulge the method of reading the model data then automatically filling in the armor arcx details. Wish I were that smart to be able to figure it out.
  13. vey much appreciated!
  14. Are the Gun Reload Sounds available just as a standalone mod that can be installed manually (not via the modpack) -- or are the sounds so intertwined with all of the other WOT sound files? I was curious so I built a virgin copy of WOT, ran the modpack and only selected those reload sounds, but it looks like the dependencies are all of the sound files plus some modified ones, but it wasnt apparent which ones were modified. Guess I could do a diff against the audio file -- but thought I would ask first. Thanks!
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