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  1. I always thought this was an XVM bug .....................
  2. Yep, you've been bit by the "WG Updated the Game in the middle of the night" malware. Aslain has the antidote coming - version
  3. Apparently something (no idea what) was blocking any attempt at cleaning up utilities -- "sed" and "patch". I tried manually removing them and was getting blocked -- so I did a PC reboot. Whatever it was cleared up. I successfully ran the mod installer again and it was able to clean up after itself. I've only run into this a couple of times in the past -- not often enough for me to immediately go "Aha!" but enough for me to eventually remember to do a reboot. So, I release this time back to you -- and "Wash Your Hands!!" ;)
  4. Not a bug, but a question. I found an .EXE in the res_mods dir, and that .EXE was not there in the last release (I keep histories of all updates). An artifact left behind by the mod installer?
  5. At least you managed to get them back. I cannot explain why your depot was still empty on a completely different PC -- unless when you say "no change" you meant the items didnt return to your tanks. The way these mods work, they build a local DB of which items are installed on which tanks, pulling from you Depot inventory. What happens sometimes is a new mod pack install will wipe the DB meaning you have to start over. But at no point do these ever sell your items. Nevertheless, seeing your hard earned stuff back in the Depot is a good thing.
  6. My understanding of how the WOT client works, nothing is maintained on you local PC other than caches -- meaning, your stuff should still be there you just cant see it. This is evidenced by virtue of logging into you account from a friends PC and your stuff shows up. Have you tried loading WOT onto a completely separate PC, logging in, and seeing if in fact your stuff shows up in your depot? Only way to empty your depot is to sell your stuff -- and I assume your bank account is not larger.
  7. I was having the same issue -- turned out to be an old mod that I had created that included SWF's that have worked for multiple patches -- but finally got in the way. this may not apply to you -- but oddly I was seeing the same behavior. Make sure you do not have any old "favorite" mods in use.
  8. I have to admit -- it is quite difficult to see, I have missed the "+" on several occasions. I did not look to see if the brightness or color were modifiable.
  9. Sounds like mod troubleshooting 101 is needed.
  10. I have to be honest here -- losing control *usually* means packet loss even though the game client is still running. Download PingPlotter and point it to, say, Google and see if it reports any loss in the path. If it does then you can use the trace to "backwalk" toward you until you identify the source of the loss. In the past the loss was right at the WOT NA game servers and I spent months sending then traces and telling them exactly which piece of hardware was showing the loss. WG ended up moving to Central US off the East coast and things have been better sicen. Good Luck Try installing a virgin copy of WOT via the Game Center, then try that copy. I wish Game Center would allow us to rename the game instance but it doesnt (at least I havent found a way) so you have to remember which instance it is as they are assigned a number.
  11. LOL -- I guess I missed that part in your original post, sorry. And for Aslain to look at it you have to upload the python.log file. I've never seen the archiver *not* do its thing, so no idea why that wouldnt do it. Follow this link
  12. I assume this behavior does not happen in vanilla (safe) mode?
  13. Post back if you need any additional help. I've set this topic to notify me when there are updates.
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