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  1. thats what I was thinking -- but, he hasnt responded so .......
  2. yes, I saw that. I wasnt aware that I was loading little helper until I went in to compare versions of PMOD -- which is why I went to reload everything!
  3. doing it right now .... I downloaded PMOD first from WG just to check versions -- was at the same one. Reloading the entire stack now.
  4. Used PMOD for ages -- zoomout now appears to be stuck at 100m.
  5. Oldskool needs to get up early and do some updating!! <grin>
  6. Confirmed -- it is MOE Extended. Turn off the TechTree support and you get the plain TechTree
  7. Soo, basically there is nothing to actual configure -- I'm not missing anything. If thats the case -- consider it ignored ;)
  8. @Aslain, I want to test removing all of my selected mods and just install OldSkool -- but I would rather not have to go back in and reselect things when I am done. Is there a way to save my current mod selection list and restore it after I am done?
  9. So ... Im not quite clear as to qhat the fix was. I will say - I do not use Spotted Messenger, but it sounds like there is a collision between the mod config pages.
  10. Ok, ran #4 -- still get the same. Im wondering if there is some data that is cached somewhere? and runnig the log archive tool still produces the error above but now the archive subdir is empty.
  11. I actually tried that -- it errors out. I get no more info than that. What I got is atteched Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  12. Should there be any item to configure for OldSkool? All I get is a blank panel. Python log attached (XVM log empty) python.log xvm.log
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