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  1. Doesnt that always seem to be the case with event hangers????? Sigh.
  2. .... Ok, I added Custom Manager back in after the patch --- and it seems to be operating now as expected, but I'll keep working with it to see. One thing I noticed that is different -- when switching to "Exterior" mode there is a pause, the tank disappears from the "garage" (now the festival), one only sees the festival and a shadow where the tank was, then we switch into the Exterior modification mode. Before all I saw was an immediate switch into that tunnel area. I'm thinking WG did something odd and then "fixed" it in the recent patch.
  3. Yes, very strange. Is there a way to add some additional debugging that can be enabled/disabled through a JSON config file? This only occurs in the hanger ....
  4. Kind of crazy behavior -- does Customization Manager store its data in ......\AppData\Roaming\Wargaming.net\WorldOfTanks? I ask because I went in and swapped an older copy of that directory in and CM started working -- for awhile. Its almost as if data is being corrupted or not written out correctly. Plus I am seeing new errors in the python log (attached) python.log
  5. Confirmed. I had to switch between 3 different tanks 4 times before clearing the bug -- and I now see an error that I hadnt seen before (not that I stare at the log files all of the time). I've attached the python logfile but this error I hadnt seen before: 2019-08-10 10:32:52.251: WARNING: [gui.Scaleform.managers.SoundManager] Sound effect "effects.vehicle_changing" not found 2019-08-10 10:32:53.887: WARNING: [helpers.i18n] Arguments do not match string read by key ''#system_messages:customization/added/camouflageValue'': (6,) 2019-08-10 10:32:58.910: WARNING: [gui.Scaleform.managers.SoundManager] Sound effect "effects.vehicle_changing" not found 2019-08-10 10:33:28.596: ERROR: [gui.Scaleform.daapi.view.lobby.customization.vehicle_anchors_updater] Vehicle entity is not loaded/exist. python.log Sadly, the switching back and forth does not effect a fix for the current game session. Even after a tank shows up properly, it may revert back to the scene "under the bridge" - and sometimes one can even see a bicyclist ride by!
  6. I just reported the same issue -- sorry, wasnt aware that this one existed. well, my log archives were in my other post -- all gone now.
  7. A completely new install of WOT using only Aslain #5. I've attached log archives of before and after -- a new Aslain load with Customization Manager and an archive where one change was made, removing Customization Manager. I've also included screenshots of with and without. I have run cache cleaner - no effect. I even tried completely deleting the Worldoftanks folder under Appdata and forcing a rebuild -- same result. Could use Auxilium -- but the unrestrained use of gold to satisfy a camo request was unacceptable (and I assume this is still the case). I'm willing to try other combinations -- I did already remove all mods except this one but obtained the same result. I'd hate to think I am missing something obvious -- but I have no idea what it would be. Aslains_WoT_Logs with Customization Manager.zip Aslains_WoT_Logs without Cuscomization Manager.zip
  8. Well, it COULD be made simpler --- MUD dude could simply uninstall/re-install WOT. But then we would probably have to describe each Windoze step. **sigh**
  9. Yes, it is a minor thing -- just annoying so I thought I would ask. Now I know -- thanks @Quaksen!
  10. I'm trying to determine what drives the use of the tank icon when looking at a crew member. I can see that the icons in the folder \res_mods\\gui\maps\icons\vehicle\contours feeds these, but WOT appears to want to flip the icon around since the same icon is used in two different views, as below. Is this something we live with or is there somehow that we can tell WOT (maybe via XVM?) that there are 2 sets of icons?
  11. Shura, you are of course correct. The rest of us have no idea how things work or even how they are supposed to work -- we defer to the depths of your insights. Nevertheless, and I really hate to do this -- You Are Fired.
  12. ... and not seeing us as consumers of his product. Oh well, I tried.
  13. Feedback from Shura -- there is no problem, only 3 people have complained, no one on the RU server, nothing is wrong with the mod.
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