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  1. Just installed Win10, was doing the same in Win 7 Maxed out on 16GB RAM Could use a better Graphics card (Nvidia 650) but not in the budget. :-)
  2. Thanks, I have tried replacing fonts already direct from aslain and no such luck. :-(
  3. I thought I had solved the problem, uninstalled all my Nvidia drivers and registry entries and reinstalled with clean install option. The problem went away, played around 20 games without issue. The next day the problem returned with my second game. :-( I have resorted to using contour Icons as my OTM's so I at least know what im up against. Same, if you figure it out, let me know please !!
  4. No, my PC is not mobile at all. I dont think is has to do with XVM anymore, since the colors remain. It seems to be an issue with the game accessing the fonts needed to display the OTM's. I dont know why this would just start happening out of nowhere though. all so frustrating !
  5. I had the same prob with Otem Mortis, only custom mod i use in my 6th sense icon. Have not tried vanilla.
  6. Okay, scratch that, just restarting the game without going to modxvm seems to fix it. So why is it rejecting the fonts after one game.....ugg
  7. Just for thought purposes....I know this doesnt seem like an XVM issue with the colors remaining and players panel working, BUT....If i continue to play i get no info, if I exit the game, go to modxvm and activate services then restart WoT i get the Info again.
  8. Just updated to 10 but had the problem in 7. As far as I know I can use fonts in other programs, I will go check for sure. Fonts work fine in WPS office, dont have MS Office.
  9. Everything worked first game, here are the after battle logs. xvm.log python.log
  10. For science, these are my logs before my first game. I will come back and post the after game logs. python.log xvm.log
  11. SFC found no integrity violations, installed latest flash, ill see if anything changed No change :-(
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