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  1. Don't install eye of sauron overhead view and do change the xml file to look for .4.0.5 instead of .6 and it works!
  2. Its the Eye of Sauron marker that "overhead view/eye of saruon" has been added back, via CNCRouterman! Thank you. Don't need it for now; if it gets fixed we will see if I use it. It does seem unfair though.
  3. Voth, I don't use eye of Sauron and I am getting black screen, can you list what you did to get beyond black screen on an NA server game? My name is Matthew, often user; just joined.
  4. It appears to be an NA server problem. Downloaded 4.08, then I had to either manually change 4.05 xml file download manually or change the name of the 4.05 res mod folder to 4.06. After I did all that then it would load to black screen and go no further. Is this an attempt by WG to stop the res mods from being used? I have tried this 4 times today and until I can get a fix I am going to have to play without the mods i guess. Can you try this out on an NA server with your newest server change mod Aslain?
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