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  1. The issue is probably with the file ..\res_mods\\gui\unbound\dock.xml Try renaming it to dock.xml.bak (or whatever you want) and restart the game.
  2. SIMP (from https://na.wargaming.net/clans/media/clans/emblems/cl_960/1000001960/emblem_24x24.png) HAVOK (from https://na.wargaming.net/clans/media/clans/emblems/cl_755/1000001755/emblem_24x24.png) NGA, NGA-A, and NGA-B (from https://na.wargaming.net/clans/media/clans/emblems/cl_653/1000017653/emblem_24x24.png) NGA-S and NGA-R (from https://na.wargaming.net/clans/media/clans/emblems/cl_182/1000019182/emblem_24x24.png) ANZAC (from https://na.wargaming.net/clans/media/clans/emblems/cl_944/1000018944/emblem_24x24.png)
  3. The 5.3 mod brought changes to how the zoom out mods work (specifically, the plain-english controller identifiers became hexadecimal identifiers, and the filename was changed to camerasConsumer.xml). This is why the zoomout mods needed to be updated to work with 5.3. Now with the release of the dev-created Smoke Circles mod, part of that mod is a new camerasConsumer.xml which means it isn't initially compatible with zoomout mods. But not to worry! Integrating them is easy enough. Note: I haven't tried this with every zoom out mod, but it should work regardless because only the controller identifiers are being changed. The method should be the same. So, first you must open camerasConsumer.xml in a text editor (use a proper one like Notepad++, but even shitty old Notepad will do). I recommend Notepad++ because, using the Compare add-on, it's easy to spot differences between two files, and makes integration easy. Otherwise you must go through and check each identifier. Still not impossible because you only need to search for one snippet of text. Note that the instructions below were written for neophytes; if your experience with xml is more advanced, it should be immediately clear what you need to do. Install the zoom-out mod using Aslain's pack. Rename ..\res_mods\\camerasConsumer.xml to something else, like camerasConsumer.zoom.xml Install the Smoke Rings mod (Smoke screen boundaries) using Aslain's pack. You will now have another camerasConsumer.xml file next to the one you renamed. Open both of the files in your text editor. The one you will be changing is camerasConsumer.zoom.xml (or whatever you renamed it as). In camerasConsumer.xml (the smoke circle mod) search for <controller> ; the first hit will be at line 561 as seen here. Repeat step six, except in camerasConsumer.zoom.xml. You will see the identifier in <controller> will be different, as seen here. Replace the identifier from camerasConsumer.zoom.xml with the identifier from camerasConsumer.xml. Repeat steps 6-8 for each instance of <controller> in both files. Some might be identical but most will be different. Save camerasConsumer.zoom.xml. Delete camerasConsumer.xml. Renamer camerasConsumer.zoom.xml to camerasConsumer.xml. You're done! Start the game. Your zoomout mod should now be integrated with the smoke circle mod.
  4. As BirdForce said, I don't think it's the mod. I customize my carousel with two rows and sort by tier + doubles. Sometimes it resets to standard view after a battle, sometimes not. It was doing that before I was using any mods.
  5. Today I tried the Player's Panel with HP bars mod by Monstrofil. Seems like a cool mod, but unfortunately, when using custom contour icons, the opposing team's icons are reversed: This is easily fixed by editing a line in ..\res_mods\\gui\flash\battle_stats.xml: <right_ear> <ship_scale>-1.0</ship_scale> to <right_ear> <ship_scale>1.0</ship_scale> as seen here: Saving the file and restarting the game will show the contour icons correctly: Very easy fix! Perhaps Aslain can mention this in the next version of the modpack.
  6. Thanks Hornethappy, this is one of the mods I just can't live without.
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