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  1. I am having this exact same issue. Started about 2 hours ago. Was using #7 I tried to join a stronghold and got an error. clicked the Battle button and nothing happened. Closed WoT and reopen failed before getting to login. Restarted computer (alienware alpha) and it took longer than normal like something was messed up. Removed and reinstalled WoT. Can log in fine. Loaded mods #10, cannot login. Deleted mods, can log in fine. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  2. this appears to be a conflict with mod crosshairs. I had the same issue until I deselected my crosshair.
  3. I have the same issue in the LeF, as soon as I hit the Shift key nothing responds except chat. Uninstalled mods and it played perfectly. A friend and I ran team trainings turning things off one at a time and turning off the crosshair (specifically blue minimalistic) stopped the freeze. I did not test to see if other crosshairs worked.
  4. Thanks Prometh3us Unchecking Check for Udpates box worked for me
  5. sure looks like one is posted to me: .12.1 (18-11-2015): - compatibility with WoT 0.9.12 - updated XVM to v6.1.6 - removed mods will be back when their authors update them - most of the contour icon mods are outdated, only mine and two others are up-to-date
  6. Reinstalled WoT HD. It was fine. Installed latest mod pack, crashes after launch. Windows 8 Uninstall mod pack, logs in just fine _Aslain_logs.zip python.log _Aslains_Installer.log WoTLauncher.log
  7. Is it possible these non replicated freezing issues only happen in Windows 7? I have a friend using Windows 7 who is having a lot of problems while my Windows 8.1 system is fine.
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