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  1. Hi, Have downloaded WoW update v.8.0.1_05 and when running it i get error msg about unsuitable version of the installed client - installer is intended for 8.0.1. I can click the OK but and it runs, however, mod is not effect in game. I have cleared cache, rebooted pc and even dowloaded modpack from a different download link but still get msg. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  2. After downloading current MOD twice when it comes to load Aslains Contours it gives error message 404 File Not FOund. Can load the rest of the mod ok by clicking next instead of retry. When click on retry it just gives same message. _Aslain_logs.zip
  3. Before i submit ticket to WoT just want to discount the mod being the issue. When battle results are shown the credits listed on personal score dont take into account expenses as they did prior to update. (see screen shot)
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