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  1. How would I go about nudging the positions of the panels; preferably downwards? Everytime I'm in battle, if I have the counters for my potential damage or spotting enabled, they'll overlap the top ship of the enemy team; however if they aren't enabled the entire list moves upwards by the exact same that would normally be occupied by those counters.
  2. Should work exactly the same as Auto-equip. Simply take your dismountable equipment (Binoculars, toolbox, and camo net), and equip it to the tanks you want to equip them. Then just change to another tank, and it automatically dismounts them for use on another tank. The only difference, seems to be there is no *.xml file that we can edit on our own, or save as a backup. It's possible that its somewhere in the xvm settings, alot of tanks that I setup to auto-return crew kept their settings, even though I played 200 battles between the surprise 9.8 launch and 9.8.1 when I finally got around to getting the updated installer here. I'd still like to know the specific files related to the xvm auto-equip and auto-crew, just to keep backups. I don't always play from the same computer, and I use cloud storage to store my gaming settings for access anywhere.
  3. I think that is the xvm "Equip Auto Return", not the old Autoequip option. It no longer creates an Autoequip.xml file, and tanks change their equipment on my client. My issue is related, so I'm going to just use your thread instead of creating anew.... There does not appear to be a file-backup version for the "xvm Equip Auto Return", so everytime we update by clearing the res_mods folder, we will have to manually setup each tank again, and again (I think) If there is a file backup, similar to the old Autoequip.xml, does anyone know where it is, for backup reasons.
  4. Also works on non-artillery tanks, standard view. Just had two, back-to-back games driving a Crommy and Comet respectively, and had the SPG shell flight-time info showing during arcade & sniper views. Having my bloom size can be nice, if it wasn't obnoxiously placed (can change that later, thanks to that heads up coding), but shell-travel time is pretty useless to anything except arty, and possibly ultra-long distance, draw-distance abusing TDs.
  5. Been using Aslains since about 8.something, and I've finally gotten to the point my potato of a computer almost needs 2 different mod settings to be competitive. I used to use JSGME (JoneSoft Generic Mod Enabler), to handle my mods prior to using the all-in-one pack with Aslain, and the customization of being able to decide just before logging in; if I want to run a Command & Conquer feel to my WoT, or a Warhammer 40k feel, etc. I haven't tried yet, but I'm hoping to setup at least two independent Aslain's mod settings, without the files being too large (due to copy&pasting the res and res_mods folders) after setting up the mods the way I like them in each configuration. An explanation to the usage of JSGME can be found here: http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/251022-using-jonesoft-generic-mod-enabler/ TLDR: I want to use JSGME Step 3, to control the usage of two or more totally different Aslain's installation setups; but not sacrifice a crapton of HDD space by copying unnecessary files.
  6. NA res/script folder from clean install here: res scripts NA.rar
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