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Hide ships in port


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Hello moders,


first, thanks for what you are doing, it really increases game experience.


I have been looking for a mod that allows me not hide ships completely in port - like the ARP-ships.

Some ships are from boxes i wanna keep, but don't want them to cluster the carousel.

Maybe a tickbox that hides all ships that are marked "primary" could be done?


Thanks o7


Edit: Someone told me that I can achieve this with the "compact carousel mod". Alright, fine!

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Yes to this ^^^. It is one of the reasons I signed up on this site so I could post requesting this. I have a lot of ships I don't/won't play that clutter up my port. I would like the ability to hide individual ships. Maybe have a decommissioned list they can be added to/removed from and when on it they are hidden. 


Thank you.

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