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Account (or region?) Changer

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Not sure, but is it this file to save other regions accounts added?: C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\Wargaming.net\WorldOfTanks\accounts.manager

(Under Windows 7)

I need to save the account/ region changer  config, how to do that, plz?

The PC is reseted, in kiosk mode, to a standard config on each reboot, crash, etc . . ..

So everytime I have to enter all accounts again, if you can tell me what to do to avoid this it'll be of great help.


Averything is ok, the mods are all there, everything in wot works well after a crash/reboot.

Except that "I need to save the region changer  config, how to do that, plz?", because everytime I have to set up all the accounts again.

So, I tried (I just had a crash and, by chance, I saved preferences.xml before the crash) to paste preferences.xml back to the right folder, but it is not changing anything: no accounts back in region changer. May be there is also records in the registry to save too.



Thank you in advance.

Here are pics to show about which mod it is:

1-  Region changer mod icon, to open it


2- Region changer Manager window


3- Region changer manage account window


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