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Black screen after a battle

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Hello all,


Today WoT started to bug I was unable to see the garage, so I decided it was time to update my mods.


But there comes the drama.


I made my usual install of Aslain's ModPack with follow mods:


- XVM Config by Aslain

- Hitlog

- Auto Logging

- Intro skipping

- Show Server Latency

- Favorited Server

- Personnalized 6th sense Icon and sound (Trap Sense)

- Various tech tree mods

- Hangar clock (24hr)

- Modpack Update Check

- Damage Panel by GambitER

- Session Statistics by YasenKrasen

- Full EU clan icons

- ESL switch mod

- TessuMod (TeamSpeak Integration)


And as I quit a battle, I have a black screen that lasts about a minute before I'm able to join the hangar again.

I tried to see if I encounter this "bug" with the vanilla game, which oubviously is not the case.

It's strange because I've ran Aslain's for a whole year now, and never got to get such problems.

So, for today, I'm not able to do my clan activities, and I can't manage to get the whole thing to work as it always did.

If anyone of you has a clue about what to do, I'll be grateful :)

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