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Custom aslain user spotted sound not working + new hit indicator stop working

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I need your help for some problems.


First one is when I check custom (user) sound for spotted in Aslain (usually 10s beeping) and in WOT settings I check user sound but the custom sound actually doesn't work in the game. What am I doing wrong or is this a bug? Thanks.


Second one is shown on the picture bellow. I miss this text for critical dmg or blocked besides enemy tank. Is this a bug or ...? :) Thanks 4 help.



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Glad you got it sorted .. apparently XVM are working to implement them ..


Sorry I don`t know about the spotted sound, but i know there are quite a few bugs in the 1.0 update regarding sounds. For example there is a bug where sometimes hits to your tank don`t make any noise and also the ping sound when an enemy is spotted on the minimap is hit and miss ( I have this problem!).

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