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Tactical Armoured Corps [TAC]

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Thank you for your interest in joining [TAC] Tactical Armoured Corps.

TAC has been part of WOT since 2011 (In the beginning) We are an English speaking multi national clan with players from as far as australia, Iraq, Croatia, etc. However players must be able to speak english and follow simple commands.

Players must also have a minimum of 3 x Tier 10 vehicles. A full list of vehicle can be found within clan rules, this also includes Tier 8s and 6. Players are expected to have a minimum WN8 of 1200 over a 30 day period and personal record of at least 5000. If you fit the criteria WE WOULD LIKE TO OFFER YOU [TAC] MEMBERSHIP.


If you do decide to join us, please first familiarise yourself with our Clan rules which can be found at TacticalArmouredCorps.com/rules.php - They're pretty straight forward and easy to follow.

Clan rules can be found under http://tacticalarmouredcorps.com/



All players are expected to have and use Team Speak. You are also expected to have a Microphone or some means to be able to communicate. Please Do Not Apply if you are not willing to participate or interact with other members.
pw: random

Please ensure you always connect to TS while in-game using your IGN [in-game name]
Once you are confirmed as a Clan member an Officer within the Clan will register you and you will be free to move around the various channels.
(Our TeamSpeak server is Push-To-Talk ONLY to avoid unnecessary 'ambient noise')

Thank you for your interest in [TAC] Tactical Armoured Corps



[TAC] Executive Officer.


Happy Tanking


If you do not meet the requirements why not Join the community anyway in TAC-2. We all use the same TS and TAC-2 players will play alongside TAC players in Platoons SH's and Advances if you wish. There is no obligation to do so. However, TAC-2 Players are considered the future for TAC and is used as a back fill if players wish to advance further.

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