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Hot Lead Enema

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Our official clan name is "Hot Lead Solution", because WG wouldn't let us use the word "enema" in our name. We are a clan that has a goal of having fun and winning more than we lose. We will accept anyone who tries to do their best, works well in a team, and plays for fun. We frown on the use of foul language and name-calling. If you want to play for fun, join us. We are looking for players that are committed to staying with the game, so we will favor those who have premium memberships (desired, not required) and tanks at or above Tier 5. We use Ventrilo for team chat, not Teamspeak. Ventrilo is free for you, since we pay for the voice server ourselves. It just takes installation of Ventrilo and a few in-game chat messages to get you set up. https://na.wargaming.net/clans/wot/1000005862/

emblem_195x195.png You will get this emblem on your tanks.


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