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Is there a way you could produce a mod to keep the daily and over all statistics for players? Not like xvm in tanks that allow everyone to see a players stats and have chance of winning but one that keeps a players statistics for his/her private use?


The stats sites that are available for WOWS do not keep accurate stats and are sorely lacking in stats that players are interested in. As in something as simple as daily winning % and individually ships daily records. You can play 30 games and they only pick up 6 to 10 of them, and that is useless.


WOWS says in an email to my query to them that such a mod would be produced by a third party  and that they have nothing to do with it. I replied I thought Aslain did have such a mod previously and that it was discontinued and their response was that they don't comment on modders. So basically my question is that is there any chance you could come up with a workable solution?

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