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[0.8.5.x]Historically Accurate IJN DDs camouflage mod with markings & numbering [KA]sual


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release info for Aslain mod installer


File: Include 1 camouflage.xml and 10 dds file in /content/gameplay/common/camouflage/textures structure 

0.8.4 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1dqSAtDPSeoqLc-FCTFPP4aqQ1DOwugE2


Legacy Versions https://drive.google.com/open?id=1qvSDNOF53zAJJ7dM4rsSw3imXP5UI1zH

Download size(compressed) 1 MB

Install size: 64.5 MB


Title: Historical IJN DDs Mod (Tier 6 -10 IJN DDs) by [KA]sual


Description: Modifies the appearance of Permanent & Type 5 camouflage of Tier 6 - 10 IJN Destroyers to their Historical Appearances with calibrated hull colours, markings at their bows and unique katakana markings.


Notice: Not compatible with any mod that modifies /res_mod/camouflage.xml



Preview card for installer: Dimension 1280 * 720






Release info for installer ends here


Forum post

Historical IJN DDs camouflage mod with markings & numbering by KAsual



In memory of those departed


wowsg GmbH proudly presents
Historical IJN DDs mod with markings & numbering by [KA]sual

This mod alters the visual appearances of Premium IJN DD ships into historical appearances with Markings on Hull and Funnelss.

The Hull color is also calibrated to accurately represent the original hue of paint used by the ports where they were built and based off.

Ships modified
6     Fubuki         Hatsuharu        Shinomeme
7     Akatsuki     Shiratsuyu        
8     Kagerou      Akizuki             Asashio
9     Yuugumo    
10    Shima                


Preview the mod at https://imgur.com/a/mfzXdZg



Tier 6 Fubuki

Maizuru Color Scheme

Marking "20", "フブキ"


Tier 7 Akatsuki (as Hibiki)

Maizuru Color Scheme

Marking "6",  "ヒビキ"


Tier 6 Premiums Shinonome

Sasebo Color Scheme

Marking "12", "シノノメ"



Tier 7 Shiratsuyu

Sasebo Color Scheme

Marking "9",  "シラツユ"


Tier 8 Asashio (spelt as Asashiho on hull)

Sasebo Color scheme

Marking "アサシホ"


Tier 8 Akizuki

Maizuru Color Scheme

Marking "アキヅキ"





Tier 8 Kagero Maizuru Color Scheme

Marking "18", Marking "Kagerofu"

2 rings on second funnel





Tier 9 Yuugumo

Yokosuka Color Scheme

Marking "KAzagumo"

Note that "Kazagumo" is used due to a lack of photo evidence of Yuugumo's original paint schemes.





Tier 10 Shimakaze

One Thick Ring on first funnel Three smaller ring on Second funnel

Yes, no Katakana markings. No, this is not a joke.


for more details, visit https://imgur.com/a/mfzXdZg



Akatsuki presented as "Hibiki"
Yuugumo presented as "Kazagumo"



https://drive.google.com/file/d/10bcqJ0yM1NY_uQ8Cu0t20n7DHaAoPvNh/view?usp=sharing (updated) Jan 2019


Legacy Versions 

0.7.12.X               Compatible with 0.7.11.x & Legacy Versions                                   https://drive.google.com/open?id=1bPtFrTkkxr0MhGWDZD9jUApbAGbQSHKV

0.7.11.X               Compatible with 0.7.11.x & Legacy Versions                                   https://drive.google.com/open?id=1A0GjK47AZulIjF2I5IMSf-iJiSKV_Erq              Compatible with & Legacy Versions                                     https://drive.google.com/open?id=1uUI5HqcIg3LSdyRiqi6stKZHjnJXCvN3   

Beta version available at https://my.mixtape.moe/uqcaqg.zip

Beta version available at https://my.mixtape.moe/uqcaqg.zip outdated


Available soon on Aslain's mod pack

2018 Oktober 13



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"Reworked IJN DD mod"

Adds functionality to display Katakana markings on all camouflage types and avoid compatibility problem with some computers

Description: Adds Katakana markings, Funnel Bands and Pennant Numberrs to Tier 6-10 IJN destroyers. Works with all camouflage types; accurate hull colors are available when Permanent camo/ Type 5 camo are being used.




a preview of the new effect





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Update 0.8.4

New Content: Yukikaze (AL Yukikaze)

Yukikaze (AL Yukikaze) has been modded into her historical appearance. All turrets, torpedo tubes and range finders sports a faithful presentation of Yukikaze's true colors. Like the other camoflage mod in this mod pack, the modded appearances will stand with all types of camouflages.

I have MatroseFuchs, AstreTunes and CompassRose to thank for making this possible.


To preview the new content, click the spoiler tag below.




(Azur Lane-specific Flag will remain un-modded as its outside of the scope of this mod)

0.8.4.x Download Link:


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