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[All][Tier 5 - 10] Royal Navy Destroyer Pennant Number & Funnel Bands Mod by [KA]sual


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[All versions] Royal Navy Destroyer Pennant Number Mod [Tier 5 - 10]

by [KA]sual


God save our noble King

Long live our noble King




Royal Navy Destroyer Pennant Number Mod by [KAsual]

Adds Pennant Number denoting Identity of the destroyers.

Adds Funnel Bands that identify the Flotilla group of DDs.

Replaces hideous Windows included (TM) Verdena fonts Cossack with better rendition of historical markings.


Works with all camouflage types.



Ships modified

5 Acasta

6 Icarus

7 Jervis

8 Lightning             Cossack

9 Jutland

10 Daring




[All Versions] https://drive.google.com/open?id=16pRhGKnioUtdcblpIt4VZ1W1q9bj4lkh






Title:Royal Navy Destroyer Pennant Number Mod by [KA]sual
Desciption: Adds Pennant Number and Funnel Bands to Royal Navy Destroyers Acasta, Icarus, Jervis, Lighning, Jutland and Daring. Also improving and changing the renition of Cossack's Numbers to L03 and in a better rendition.

Preview Card https://i.imgur.com/Th0kwg1.png


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