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HUD disappears & internet connection (occasionally) gets glitchy

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My HUD tends not to load every ~4 battles or so (a sign that the HUD isn't about to load is that the battle loading screen doesn't show up either, and it's just black), and "V" doesn't bring it back. I usually have to restart the game and hope it loads the second time. All the solutions I've seen online so far mostly just say to uninstall all mods but I rly don't want to do that.


Also, this might not be caused by the mod, but I've started getting disconnected from the server during battles since I installed the modpack, and my internet provider hasn't changed.


Do you know which parts of the Aslains package might be causing this?


In case you're curious, my mod loadout right now is:

-->OTM by XVM team

-->Panels by XVM team

-->[The XVM player statistics] 6 colors by Team XVM (original XVM scale)

-->[The 6th Sense settings] Custom icons-->Mighty Jingles

-->[The hangar XVM settings] Show account statistics next to selected tank

-->[Other XVM Settings] Auto login, show server ping, show online users, show team WN8 position no.2, XVM debugPanel, XVM sight, Aim Info

-->[The Mod Pack] Vehicle Contour icons, Aslains icons simple with small font.

-->Zoom-out in arcade mode 100m away max

-->Disable gun shake effect after shot

-->Gun constraints

-->Spotted/closest enemy direction indicators

-->Autoaim time snapping (5 sec)

-->Safe shot extended

-->Elkano's received damage announcer

-->FPS limiter

-->WoT Tweaks (all)

-->Session Stats by ShuraBB

-->Minimap Tankview directions


Thanks in advance!



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