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Ping issue - possible virus in modpack?

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Hi eveyrone, since i instaled Aslains modpack i started having big ping issues - over 200. Not just in WoT but in every game, i asked my ISP and he test my internet and didnt find a problem. I reinstaled windows, instaled Quickybabys modpack and everythink worked fine, since i tried Aslains MP again and ping issues come again so i assume there can be some kind of virus, meaby someone have same problem? 


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My ESET antivirus also report virus in all direct downdoable files of this version v1.2.0.2 #01 (see attached file Image 1)


P.S. BTW for the latest versions I cant download from the standard links (only can download from 'direct' ones) becasue I get a message that access is denied becasue the webs are insecure (image 2)

Image 1.png

Image 2.png

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yeah me too but I'm using Firefox and getting the same thing.


Just now, ryuuto said:

yeah me too but I'm using Firefox and getting the same thing.



6 hours ago, WhoDee said:

Chrome is also reporting this file  "v1.2.0.2 #01" as a virus on download.  This has never happened before on previous versions and has me a little concerned.


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