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blueman's detection mod update

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I have been using this mod pack for a long time, as it is very easy on the eyes and I can at a glance tell under what kind of detection I am. however, I assume WG added a new icon in the latest patch, namely a "proximity detection" icon, because whenever I am closer than 2km to an enemy ship, I get a stock detection icon, instead of the large ones from the pack. If you are in contact with the mod creator, Aslain, can you ask him to add a new icon for this event in the pack? I am adding 2 screenshots of a training battle where I tested this, you can see the detection mod working as intended when over 3km from the enemy ships, and the stock icon when closer. 

if there is an icon in the pack for this event, please let me know and I will send you the log files for the installation. 


thank you for your continuous dedication to the modding scene, aslain! 



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