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thanks for all your work and made a small donation,


about 2 days ago WOW must have forced down an audio patch cause all settings in game changed to max. AND my audio mods stopped working , the ones where the Jap girls and mr soccer speak English.


after fighting with Norton, downloaded latest version of installer and ran it with no fix, was able to use site 2, #1was too aggressive with malware for Norton.


Today came to download latest version and try again and all download sites are totally blocked by BOTH Norton and windows defender, can't even do the normal work around the usual baloney and skip the traps. Please find some download sites that are less aggressive with malware and only try to trick you to click on the wrong button before attacking your computer


thanks again for your efforts.



  was able to override block by Windows Defender for site no 1 and DL latest while Norton was in a slugging match against all the malware,  LOL

will report results after a few games to test.


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