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Problems with the installation of Aslain's WoWS Modpack Steam

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Hello friends!....
I have installed WOW from Steam and I use Aslain's WoWS modpack <the last update>, I have used previous updates for a few weeks and I have had it installed correctly in the folder ... C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ World of Warships \ bin \ 1427460 where the client is located. I have executed the commands as indicated by the robot installer and I have run <the executable file log.exe> for the creation of the * .zip to unpack the necessary repositories in the same folder of. \ ... \ 1427460 \ Aslain_Modpack and that at the time of the start of the game load, but now not !!!! ..... The game runs but DO NOT LOAD ANY MOD !!!! ... it's as if I had not done anything! .... Is someone with the same problem ??? What is the problem? Does anyone know how to solve it? I've tried everything ... and I'm not a newbie in systems but this is the last! ... Regards

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I also wanted to comment that at some point I used ModStation but I could never activate it with the WoWS account since it could not find the loading agent! ... Someone in the forum has used ModStation with Steam? thank you!

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i have a similar problem but i use ModStation, not a mod pack.  the executable has been moved to bin/1491147/bin64 (assuming a 64bit system).  i've tried and tried, but ModStation does not recognize the executable.  i know its the right one, cuz i can double-click it and launch WoWs.  tried re-naming it, but doesn't make a difference.  maybe you'll have better luck with Aslain's Modpack, i'd like to know if you get it to work.

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