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[Solved] Wows Crashes Randomly

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Hi all,


i get random crashes  when NOT in battle. Any other screen of game (main screen, missions screen e.t.c.) can cause a crash


I tried many things with the ultimate one to uninstall and reinstall the game in another directory.

I played one game with no mods installed . Run perfectly.


Then i installed Aslain's WoWs ModPack v8.3.1 #09 (i had the problem with #08 also)


I will try now to locate which mod is causing the problem.


Any suggestions will be wellcome.


I always use Aslain modpack iand i like it very much.




P.S. I also run Matchmaking monitor in a 2nd monitor.


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When a battle finish or i am sunk and i press Esc to go to main game screen the game takes forever to load in main screen and many times crashes.

Also because of the so much time to load i am moved to login screen (wargaming thinks i lost connection i guess)

So i presume it has to do with a mod running in main screen (e.g. camo filters)

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