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"INFO PANEL" (enemy) mod

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I use this mod from Aslain mod pack to get info on the opposite team, in hope not to have to remind me or to learn all the stats of the ships as far as there are going to be new ones, branches, premiums, etc....


I can see this mod s not that clear about the infos it provides and doesn't give as well the radar detection distance of the enemy ship.


Is there a soonish possible update for this mod ? Thank you.

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Yes, this is a reply to an old post, but as of the last patch, the Info Panel Enemy stopped working. I also see there are other variations of this mod in the same section of the Asian's installer  that should have the same info but they don't work either. The info that interests me (although some of this I know by virtue of playing for years) is ship speed, torp equipped, range of tops. Considering this is still a featured mod in the Asian Installer:

  • Any chance of it's functionality returning as a mod that sshows things like torp ranges of enemy ships?
  • Did WGing outlaw this kind of mod?
  • Are there any substitute mods that could be used to replace it?


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