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Homefront. What do you think?

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What I hate about it is that you only get to use a generic tank with a generic crew. So all that time spent building up exp on your crews is a total waste in this game mode. They already made it to where you can just buy exp with those crew training books, now you don't even need it. At least Front Lines you get to use your crew and tanks and earn exp so it's worth the time. Maybe next we can just buy the crew skills straight up. Then you could start tier1 with every skill your crew could possibly have! No effort needed! Reminds me of a line from The Incredibles, "Once everybody is super, then nobody will be super."

Hopefully most will just stay away from this game mode and they will get the point.

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You can literally buy crew experience. Atleast, you can pay with actual money for gold, then use gold to convert XP. The other way is to use actual money to buy game silver and buy crew books that way.

Paying to by pass the grind is very Russian, also very profitable for WG. It won't go away and will probably be expanded in other ways (the recent crew books as an example).

I never play Front Line or the others. It is just frantic arcade style game play to satisfy teens.

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