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how to get Kaspersky to check mod for false postive virus

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As some of you that use Kaspersky may know, sometimes they suspect Aslains mod to contain a virus so they delete the file before you can install it. This happened to me with the latest mod version (v8.6.0 #03). I submitted the links to Kaspersky for them to check and they confirmed that it was indeed a false positive on their part. If you update your Kaspersky database the mod no longer registers a false positive.


As this will probably happen again with future updates to the mod, here is how to get Kaspersky to check a file for false positives.


1. Login to the My Kaspersky website then click Support near the top right.

2. Click "Request Technical Support" (down the page a little bit).

3. Click "Create request" near the top right

4. Slect Total Security in the product list along with your operating system.

5. Most importantly, under request type, select "Malware" then select "False Positive" from the next menu.

6. Enter detailed description with links for them to download the file to check it such as:


"Hello, I use a modpack for the game World of Warships and Total Security keeps deleting the file saying it has a trojan. This has only happened with the new version of the modpack, with the older versions this never happened. The creator says this is a false positive from Kaspersky.

Here is the link, you can click [direct] next to either download link 1 or 2 to download it: ht**s://aslain.com/index.php?/topic/2020-0860-aslains-wows-modpack-installer-wpicture-preview/ "


p.s. on a unrelated side note to Kaspersky users, you can save a lot of money by purchasing new or renewal licenses on ebay. You can find "Kaspersky Total Security" 5 device 1 year license for under $20, or even 1-2 device license for under $10. Just make sure you purchase from a seller with a good rating, and make sure it says the license is for your region (NA or EU) or says Global.


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