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Bug with XVM small carousel

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Hello !


I've a little issue with the two last version of the modpack. (for the last micropatch)

With the small XVM carousel, tank icon won't show up. I tried with 4 or 1 lines, same, no tank icon.

With the big XVM carousel there is no issue.


Strange thing, in the res_mods/config/xvm/aslain/carouselsmall.xc the code seems fine :

      // Vehicle icon.
      // Иконка танка.
      "tankIcon": { "enabled": true, "dx": 0, "dy": 0, "alpha": 100, "scale": 1 },


Same code as in carouselnormal.xc :


// Vehicle icon.
      // Иконка танка.
      "tankIcon": { "enabled": true, "dx": 0, "dy": 0, "alpha": 100, "scale": 1 },



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